Garakuan is an accommodation facility that enables you to charter and stay at a whole block of “machiya,” Kyoto’s traditional townhouse. It is a place where you can experience Japanese culture and art created with obsession of the owner who is a painter in Kyoto. It is machiya accommodation facility near Kyoto-station ,shijyou-kawaramachi,higashiyama. Popular sightseeing spots, Sanjusangendo Hall, Yasaka Shrine, Kodaiji Temple and Kiyomizu-dera,Kyoto National Museum are also very conveniently accessible on foot. And Fushimiinari-Shrineare, Shimogamo-jinja-Shrineare, kurama-dera, kibune-jinja-Shrineare also very conveniently accessible by Keihan train. You may securely stay at this facility with hotel / inn business license.


  • Exterior Koushi
    Exterior Details

    Special features of machiya appearance are dark-colored grids called “bengara-goushi” and “mushiko” windows, etc.

  • Horigotatsu Living room
    Liging room Details

    A spot garden may be viewed through “yukimi-shoji (partial-glass up-down paper sliding screen).”

  • Bedroom with Futon mattress Bedroom
    Bedroom Details

    Guests stay in a Japanese style room on the second floor.This room is road side.

  • bathroom2 garden
    bathroom Details

    Guests stay in a Japanese style room on the second floor.This room is garden side.

  • Bathtub bathroom
    Bathroom Details

    The bathrooms have bathtubs made of cypress.

  • Kitchen Cooking tools
    Kitchen Details

    There are many restaurants outside, but cooking is also possible at the kitchen.

  • Entrance
    Entrance Details

    From where you opened the door,One entire town house is rented out for your group.

  • Tsubomiwa spot garden
    Tsuboniwa Details

    A beautiful spot garden may be seen through veranda by sliding up yukimi-shoji from the first floor living room.

  • Staircase
    Staircase Details

    Machiya-style stairs are usually very steep, but it is mild-stair structure easy to ascend.

  • lavatory
    lavatory Details

    Contemporary toilet, bright and easy to use washroom is on each floor.

  • other
    other Details

    There is a traditional space.


Garakuan Layout