Garakuan is an accommodation facility that enables you to charter and stay at a whole block of “machiya,” Kyoto’s traditional townhouse. It is a place where you can experience Japanese culture and art created with obsession of the owner who is a painter in Kyoto. It is machiya accommodation facility near Kyoto-station ,shijyou-kawaramachi,higashiyama. Popular sightseeing spots, Sanjusangendo Hall, Yasaka Shrine, Kodaiji Temple and Kiyomizu-dera,Kyoto National Museum are also very conveniently accessible on foot. And Fushimiinari-Shrineare, Shimogamo-jinja-Shrineare, kurama-dera, kibune-jinja-Shrineare also very conveniently accessible by Keihan train. You may securely stay at this facility with hotel / inn business license.

Kyoto Recommendation

  • Yubi (culinary art) Yubi (culinary art) Yubi

    A Japanese-style restaurant in Miyagawa-cho. The face of Miyagawa-cho also represents the very Kyoto and inside the restaurant further projects serene Kyoto. It is a highly-recommended restaurant. Dinner starts from 8,000yen.

  • Kyo Chabuya Bar Jo-Jo Kyo Chabuya Bar Jo-Jo Kyo Chabuya Bar Jo-Jo

    There are many interesting dishes with not widely known ingredients.

  • Yagenbori Hanamikoji Yagenbori Hanamikoji Yagenbori Hanamikoji

    It is a restaurant of bengara-goushi and reddish soil walls which is located in the preserved district which is very Gion, around one street down from Shijo-dori Hanamikoji. They serve dishes which make the most of in-season ingredients. Dinner course starts from 8,000yen.

  • Oowatari (culinary art) Oowatari (culinary art) Oowatari (culinary art)

    It is a popular Japanese-style restaurant that basically takes only 2 parties a day. Reservation may be difficult, but it is well evaluated. Dinner starts from 10,000yen.

  • Gion Uokeyau Gion Uokeyau Gion Uokeyau

    It is a restaurant that serves delicious Unagi-don (freshwater eel donburi). They also deliver to teahouses in Gion. Plate for 1 person starts from 2,500yen.

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